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Scout Boats Surplus Parts

Surplus Boat Parts Directly From Scout Boats!

About Us


We are Scout Boats! Exciting Isn't It?

The items you purchase come directly from our factory. There's no middle man. We created this store in an effort to keep our surplus supply at an acceptable level without throwing money down the drain. 


New Products Every Week!

You'll want to spend plenty of time in  the "Scratch & Dent" section of the store! Every day we get new parts from the production line that didn't make the cut to install on one of our new boats. This doesn't mean they aren't any good! It does create lots of opportunity for you to save big!


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Scout Boats' Surplus Parts: Factory Boat Parts

What is surplus?

What Are "Surplus" Parts?

Nearly every production process generates a collection of parts and components that no longer conform to the build/production plan. Items are scratched or dented during installation and design changes leave unused inventory on the shelves. These are surplus boat parts. 

What parts can I buy?

Are All Scout's Parts Available for Purchase?

No. We encourage you to browse our current inventory or send an email to inquire about a specific part. If we don't have it we'll advise you to contact your nearest dealership. 

Need to know.

What You Should Know:

  • All sales on this site are final.
  • The products available for purchase will fluctuate and vary. 
  • Only surplus and scratch and dent parts are for sale.
  • We will not advise of compatibility for parts- especially outboards and electrical components. 
  • Read each product description carefully, look at the images closely, and don't hesitate to email us with any questions before you buy.